Dragonfly’s Team Synergy Centre

The Dragonfly Team Synergy Centre delivers outstanding team development opportunities to forward-thinking organisations.

Located at the picturesque Ednaston Park, on the outskirts of Derby, the centre comprises all-weather military command style exercises, delivered alongside bespoke, organisational-specific activities; all designed to boost team dynamics, productivity and success.

This is a team day that creates a culture of collaboration from the word go, and these are skills that are retained and utilised for the long-term. Why not take your team to the next level?

'An excellent day, I heartedly recommend Dragonfly’s Team Synergy day. We had a full day of activities from open discussions to physical and mental workouts which has given us a renewed focus and drive to improve the way the Wytech team works’.

Technical Director Wytech

'Looking forward to getting my team to think in different ways. I would definitely recommend Dragonfly’s Team Synergy Day to other businesses’.

Managing Director SolidPoint